Venjakob craft and manufacture some of the finest furniture you will ever lay eyes on. Founded by master carpenter Alfons Venjakob, the company’s claim is to build furniture fit for the world with the right craftsmanship. In keeping with this vision the Venjakob training centre teaches young talents everything they need to know, step by step to encourage creativity, communication and team work.

Venjakob’s 35,000 square metre facility in Gutersloh in Germany has a 200 strong workforce committed to crafting precision, quality built furniture with a huge emphasis on extraordinary detail. Their team combine traditional manufacturing ideas with state of the art processing methods.

Every piece of Venjakob furniture is engineered to the most rigorous standards of craftsmanship and no stone is left unturned at any point in the manufacturing process.

It all begins with the raw materials, and Venjakob use only the finest available. All products are manufactured to the latest technological standards and are developed in accordance with ecological considerations.

The Venjakob range includes dining furniture, cabinets, display cases, home furniture and occasional furniture, and each piece bears the RAL Seal of Quality which is only awarded to outstanding craftsmanship.

Call in to Roomes and you’ll find one of the largest displays of Venjakob furniture in the UK, and all at very competitive prices. Our sales team will be happy to spend time with you discussing the differences in each of the Venjakob product ranges that we stock.
Table Opening
Table Opening


Horizontal elements, lacquer-finished surfaces, open and appealing.

Andiamo brings together design and functionality. Broad horizontal elements, like flap doors and drawers, add a statement to the room.
Open compartments provide plenty of space for decorative pieces and your very own personal ideas.

Whether matt lacquer, simply the finest timber or contrasting wooden veneer and lacquered surfaces, light, dark or cleverly combined – with Venjakob, you get all the options.


Simplicity is beautiful.

Love wood? Just not too much, not too traditional and not too rustic? Then KANDU was made for you. The opposing wood grains give rooms a lot of character. With an extensive range of pieces in the collection Kandu offers something for everyone.






Catches the eye, stays in the mind.

ALBERO brings the finesses of modern furniture design into the living- and dining room. The horizontal fronts of the range are accompanied
elegantly by vertical wooden elements – the base plinth is slightly inset under the carcase. This gives sideboards, glass cabinets and wall units a floating character.

Furniture design with a special twist – ALBERO will delight you for many years!




Brilliantly simple.

A simple understated design that is timeless. The MULTI-FLEX can be made in 3 different widths and can be made to measure in 10cm increments. It’s available in a large choice of real wood veneer finishes or lacquered finishes.






Traditional style - pure aesthetics.

Venjakob embodies the concept of traditional manufacturing. With total precision and immense love of detail Venjakob have now created FINO - the range for furniture full of character. Extensive design options clear the way for highly individual configurations. Exquisite solitary items for living and dining rooms can be realised with FINO: sideboards, highboards, display units and
living room units.





Spectacularly versatile.

This classic range offers a spectacular variety of furniture, striking detailing and strong material combinations. SENTINO has been redesigned and its ‘around the corner’ glass doors are real show stoppers.

There are more than 120 types of furniture – glass cabinets, sideboards, highboards, media consoles and more and there are up to 9 different finishes available including oiled split walnut
and cork bark.






The MIO PLUS dining table is new to the Venjakob range. Its ultra-hard ceramic top is truly innovative and resists scratches from casserole dishes, wine stains,fondue drips or ink marks from felt tip pens. So MIO PLUS stays looking as perfect as the day it was made. No scratches, no stains and a 5 year warranty. By the way: the folding mechanism for the extensions feels smooth and precise. Mio Plus is available with either a stainless steel or black frame and a choice of colour/top finishes.





An array of exciting options that can be combined to add almost limitless options and functionality beyond the expected.

Lighting Insets Functionatlity Options Detailing
See it all with the optional
LED lights. Add to shelves
and unit interiors.
Making in draw storage
useful. These fit with
ease, ideal for cutlery.
Ingenious extending
options add versatility to
all our dining ranges.
Our range of styles are
customisable in many
different ways
Adding quality style points,
a touch of class. Showcasing
the best elements.

ANDIAMO L/Corner Shelf
from £420.00 to £931.00 inc VAT

ANDIAMO R/Corner Shelf
from £420.00 to £1,069.00 inc VAT
FINO Bridging Shelf - 7 Wood Shelves
from £889.00 to £937.00 inc VAT

ALBERO Highboard - 2 Doors/4 Shelves
from £1,769.00 to £1,912.00 inc VAT
ALBERO Highboard - 3 Doors/6 Shelves
from £2,323.00 to £2,862.00 inc VAT

ALBERO Lowboard - 2 Doors/1 Open Space/1 Drawer
from £2,717.00 to £2,862.00 inc VAT
ALBERO Lowboard - 4 Drawers
from £1,687.00 to £1,767.00 inc VAT

ALBERO Sideboard - 2 Doors/2 Drawers/2 Shelves
from £1,687.00 to £2,453.00 inc VAT
ALBERO Sideboard - 2 Doors/3 Drawers/2 Shelves
from £2,389.00 to £3,269.00 inc VAT

ALBERO Sideboard - 3 Doors/1 Drawer/3 Shelves
from £2,160.00 to £2,257.00 inc VAT
ALBERO Sideboard - 3 Doors/2 Drawers/3 Shelves
from £2,651.00 to £2,781.00 inc VAT

ALBERO Sideboard - 3 Doors/6 Drawers/3 Shelves
from £2,946.00 to £3,106.00 inc VAT

ANDIAMO Sideboard - 1 Pull Out Drawer/2 Drop Flaps
from £1,156.00 to £1,212.00 inc VAT

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