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Ercol has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering a wide range of furniture, including dining tables and chairs, sofas, lounge furniture, and bedroom furniture. Ercol embodies good design, with every piece meticulously conceived by an in-house team. Founded in 1920 by Lucian R. Ercolani, Ercol is famous for its exquisite, handcrafted furniture. 

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Explore the diverse range of products, each with unmatched craftsmanship. Whether you're searching for a classic dining table or a stylish ercol sofa, the collection promises both style and durability. Dive into the world of Ercol and discover furniture that seamlessly blends tradition with modern design aesthetics.

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Ercol MonzaMedia Unit
The Monza media unit is designed with elegant proportions, large enough to take a wide TV yet still able to fit into a smaller recess. It has a central but adjustable shelf space, ideal for media boxes, a cable hole at the back that allows leads to be fed behind the cabinet and neatly stored away. Additional storage is created by the two end cupboards with alternating angled textured wood grain on...
£1040 £829
Ercol Romana - IR TV UnitErcol Romana - IR TV Unit
Ercol RomanaIR TV Unit
Upgrade your entertainment setup with our Romana IR TV unit, designed for both functionality and style. This unit offers a dedicated cupboard for housing your Digi boxes, complete with an "IR eye" so you can control your devices even with the doors shut—keeping them free from dust and clutter. In addition, two drawers provide extra storage space for your essentials. The design stays...
£2460 £1975

Ercol Romana - Wide IR TV UnitErcol Romana - Wide IR TV Unit
Ercol RomanaWide IR TV Unit
Elevate your living space with the Romana IR TV unit, designed to combine modern aesthetics with smart functionality. The unit offers a dedicated cupboard for your Digi boxes, featuring an "IR eye" that allows you to control your devices even when the doors are closed—keeping them dust-free and out of sight. For additional storage, two drawers are also included, both equipped with soft-close...
£3240 £2575
Ercol TeramoTV Unit
This TV unit, as well as accommodating your television, has plenty of space on the open shelf for media appliances. With two deep dovetail jointed drawers, for storage of DVDs, games and appliances. In addition, two cable management openings are in the back. The Teramo collection is finished in clear matt lacquer, providing protection whilst emphasising the natural beauty of the oak. Features: Made...
£840 £675

Ercol WindsorIR TV Unit
As well as accommodating your television, the Windsor IR TV cabinet provides an adjustable glass shelf for placement of a smart box and DVD player within the closed cupboard. The Ercol IR eye, allows you to use your remote control for your DVD player and Digi boxes with the door closed, keeping your electronic gadgets and all the wiring hidden from view and free from dust. There are four cable openings...
£1885 £1399
Ercol WindsorTV Corner Unit
This corner TV cabinet pairs practicality with design flair. It features two deep adjustable shelves to fit your digital devices, along with dual cable holes at the back for easy and neat cable routing. The glass doors boast an etched oval recess, a distinct touch from the Windsor collection. Customise the cabinet's finish with one of 8 lacquer colours, each designed to protect the wood while aligning...
£1730 £1299

Ercol WindsorTV Unit
In addition to accommodating your TV, this unit features an adjustable shelf that neatly divides the space for your DVD player and game console. A deep drawer below provides extra storage for DVDs or other accessories. Wooden oval handles set into subtle recesses offer a design highlight on the ash cabinet. The back panel includes cut-outs for convenient cable management. Customise the finish with...
£1730 £1299
Ercol WindsorWide IR TV Unit
The Windsor IR TV cabinet serves as a versatile entertainment center. Not only does it house your television, but it also offers an adjustable glass shelf within its enclosed space, perfect for a smart box and DVD player. With Ercol's built-in IR eye technology, you can operate your remote-controlled devices even with the cabinet door shut—keeping your electronics and cables out of sight...
£3040 £2279

Ercol Monza BedroomDouble Bed Frame 135cm
This contemporary bedroom collection in patina oak is an updated classic mid-century design. The alternating grain direction of the chevron pattern creates an eye-catching feature on the headboard of this double bed which is finished in a clear matt lacquer showing off the tactility and grain of this piece. The bed has presprung wooden slats on which to place your mattress and help with a tranquil...
£1410 £1129
Ercol Collection - Coffee TableErcol Collection - Coffee Table
Ercol CollectionCoffee Table
The mid century design of ercol collection coffee table has smooth flowing edges and iconic ercol spindals for the shelf beneath. First produced in the the early 1960's the table is as practical as ever. This coffee table has a smooth organic shaped surfaced with the added detail of individually shaped spindles that construct the lower shelf, handy storage area for books and magazines. This...
£720 £575

Ercol Collection - Pebble Coffee TableErcol Collection - Pebble Coffee Table
Ercol CollectionPebble Coffee Table
The fluid curves and tapered legs of the ercol Collection 'pebble' nest of tables, has inspired a new coffee table. The nest was designed in the mid 1950’s by ercol’s founder Lucian Ercolani, the coffee table is a larger stand alone or combination piece that offers a simple and distinctive design which reflects the design heritage of this piece. Available in a choice of wood finishes...
£515 £399
Ercol TeramoCoffee Table
The Teramo coffee table in pale oak is elegant and contemporary in design, its clean lines inspired by the purity of Shaker style. Beneath its overhanging top are two deep drawers finished with dovetail joints. The beautifully turned legs and distinctive oval drawer handles are characteristically Ercol. A contemporary classic. Features: Made from Solid Oak and Oak veneers FSC certified responsibly...
£645 £499

Where is Ercol furniture made?

The Ercol factory is in the beautiful Chiltern Hills. Here, skilled artisans craft furniture by hand, using age-old methods. They work with top-quality hardwoods like ash, elm, beech, and oak, sourced globally. This blend of tradition and quality makes their furniture unique. Selected ranges are produced in this UK based factory, other ranges are produced at Ercol's factories all over the world. These are managed by Ercol and produce to their strict quality control standards.


What type of furniture do Ercol make?

Dining sets, with their sturdy wood construction, come in styles ranging from the timeless to the modern. Keep an eye out for sets with bench seating – they're great for hosting extra guests. Sofas, boasting solid wood frames and durable fabric, offer the perfect mix of comfort and support. You also have the flexibility to customize many sofa models to fit your space perfectly.

For the living room, Ercol presents a collection of chic coffee tables and cozy armchairs, all featuring sleek lines and exquisite woodwork. In the bedroom, the designs combine skillful design and practicality, offering a tranquil retreat. Their range stretches from sturdy beds to spacious wardrobes and sleek bedside tables. Ercol furniture showcases solid construction and meticulous attention to detail, making any bedroom a peaceful haven.


Is Ercol furniture worth it?

Ercol is worth the investment, crafted by skilled artisans, with attention to detail. Their traditional techniques and quality construction methods are evident in the how their pieces last. Their designs stand the test of time, with their pieces adaptable to various interior styles.

The brand is dedicated to sustainability and responsible craftsmanship. They ensure their materials are responsibly sourced and adhere to the highest ethical and environmental standards. With furniture designed to stand the test of time, choosing Ercol means you save in the long run, as their pieces won't need frequent replacing.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can tell that a piece of furniture is made by Ercol?

When you know what to look for, identifying whether a piece of furniture is made by Ercol can be relatively straightforward. Ercol often includes its logo or label on their furniture. Look for a small logo, typically a capital "E" within a circle, on the furniture, usually on the underside, the back, or inside drawers. This label or logo is a clear indicator of authenticity. If you have access to any paperwork, manuals, or receipts for the piece, these documents may also confirm the manufacturer.

Ercol places a strong emphasis on using high-quality wood, such as ash, elm, beech, or oak – so inspect the wood's grain and finish carefully. Familiarise yourself with their signature design elements, such as steam-bent wooden frames, spindles, and ergonomic shapes. The presence of these design elements can be a strong indicator that the piece is Ercol. Also, look out for expert joinery techniques, such as dovetail joints and wedged tenons.

Remember that Ercol has produced a wide variety of furniture over the years, so the specific characteristics may vary depending on the era and style of the piece. A careful eye and a combination of the above factors can help you identify whether a piece of furniture is made by Ercol.


What is Grown in Britain?

Ercol is proud to partner with Grown in Britain (GiB) to re-launch the iconic Marino chair and sofa, the Pebble nest of tables and coffee tables.  These iconic products are now available in British-certified ash. 

The longevity of ercol products, through their design and quality enables embodied carbon to be captured across generations.