Britain in the 1950’s saw the start of a great modernist living movement, building on the end of World War II and the start of an industrial revolution. This created a new aesthetic for home interiors in the UK, based on enforcing usability and sustainability for new urban living.

But with a recent postmodern portrayal of the era, Mad Men has brought mid-century designs back to our TV screens – and everyone is still going mad about it.

Designs by Herman and Miller are a core influence for Mad Men’s 1960’s America set, and have created a whirl-wind of nostalgia for current audiences. Although, as mid-century pieces are now highly accessible in both modern and vintage markets, the design has become a popular look for contemporary homes.

So, if you’re looking to achieve the simplistic, retro look of a mid-century modern interior, then here are some simple touches for your home to make Don Draper proud.

brown-seating-areaThe Iconic sculptural armchair

If there is any single item that would instantly bring a mid-century modern feel to your home, it is the iconic sculptural armchair. Times magazine called Eames’ version the ‘Best Design of the 20th Century’ and by making this a feature piece in your living room, you’ll instantly revive a mid-century feel.

modernist-livingWooden furnishings

Wooden furnishings are another core feature within mid-century decor. Whether that be in the flooring, tables or storage units, the earthy nature of wood can add a rich and sustainable look to your home.

kitchen-dining-areaCandle sticks, lamps and artwork

Even if you’re on a budget, mid-century accessories could be just the change you need. Adding a classic lamp alongside some candle holders and patterned artwork will give you a mid-century twist.

Primary colours in action

When it comes to colour, mid-century modern designs are truly quite broad – colour can be embraced in many different ways, whether that be through brights, pastels or muted natural tones. But a fun primary colour palette was commonly seen throughout the era, bringing a flash of energy to minimalist spaces.

modernist-living-couchNature for the home

Practicality is central to the mid-century era. Natural features were inexpensive and easily accessible during the 1950’s, which made plants core to home interiors.

Not only for their health benefits, this modernist living feature is perfect for transforming a space– paired with a uniquely designed vase, this will subtly hint at a mid-century design in your dining room.

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