Sometimes an old style just can’t be beaten.

Here at Roomes we know that often it’s tried-and-tested classic furniture that can make more of a statement than a brand new or trend-led piece. Like a fine wine, classic furniture only gets better with age, and you can carry such pieces with you throughout your life and through your evolving homes.

We recommend using timeless silhouettes, style staples and high quality craftsmanship juxtaposed with bold upholstery, contemporary paint colours and quirky accessories to keep your classics looking fresh.

Invest in an ageless design and you’ll be rewarded with years of comfort and enjoyment:

  • Choosing a buttery-soft leather sofa is one way to ensure lasting quality – the leather texture will develop its own unique patina over time and add real character to your living space.
  • Painted oak furniture will inevitably age through wear-and-tear and get that rustic lived-in feel so desired in ‘shabby chic’ homes.
  • Classic swag curtains will add old-school glamour to any lounge area, serving to frame your windows and tie together wall coverings and upholstery.
  • Solid coffee tables in a traditional style will ground your room and provide a centre point from which to angle your seating.
  • Purpose-built media units ensure that the TV is not your sole focal point. Beautiful cabinetry in walnut, ash or oak will provide a stunning and enduring centrepiece.

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