Find your favourites in our new ercol studio at Roomes

Favouritism really isn’t part of who we are. We love all of the brands we sell. That’s because they’ve been individually selected for their quality, character and a calibre of excellence. That being said, we do have a special love for ercol, and its distinctly Scandi inspired style. So much so, we’ve created a brand new ercol furniture studio in our Roomes Upminster store that you simply have to see. It includes some of the ercol furniture you may already be familiar with, and also some new pieces for you to fall in love with.



We love ercol not just for its style, but also its heritage. The British company, established 101 years ago in High Wycombe, was the vision of legendary Italian designer, Lucian R Ercolani. And we love that it’s still run by his family today, many generations later. The beauty of ercol furniture and indeed, the brand itself, is how its evolved over the years to reflect living spaces that maintain a contemporary edge and fine sophistication, while remaining unpretentious and authentic. It’s a philosophy we stand behind. Proudly.


The ercol studio at Roomes   

For all the hard work that goes into each piece of furniture, whether an ercol sofa or ercol chair, they make each masterpiece look effortless. We’ve curated a selection in our Roomes ercol studio to inspire you and hope you’ll be able to pop by to come see it. To whet your design appetite, here’s a sneak peak at what we have in our new ercol studio.


The ercol living room – a journey into classic styling

Let’s start with the base piece that grounds all others together. The Novara ercol sofa. Besides the strong aesthetic styling, with deep cushioning it’s designed for comfort – welcoming you home after a long day or indulging in a glass of wine and a good natter with a friend. With tapering arms and a solid oak front plinth and back legs, it’s a distinctive ercol sofa that’ll find its home comfortably in yours.


More than just an ercol chair, the Marlia Accent Chair is the ultimate understated statement piece, the perfect accompaniment to the Novara ercol sofa. It’s lightweight, compact size with beautifully crafted arms is a triumph in both style and comfort. Its deep cushioning and indulgent upholstery will keep you cosy while basking in a sunny nook with your latest read.

The Romana ercol Sideboard is the perfect piece to complete your living room look. It’s the epitome of soft detailing, organic lines and a low contemporary silhouette that creates a central piece without overstating its presence. Apart from its outstanding appearance, this oak ercol sideboard offers ample storage space from two separate cupboards and three drawers.

The ercol living room – an exploration of contemporary living

A particular ercol sofa that’s been designed for sensory delight is the Forli Corner Chaise. With a slim profile, this ercol sofa is expertly designed for smaller spaces while making a big statement. Its textured fabric is contemporary and plush, offset by solid oak legs to create a key piece for stylish relaxation and comfort in your living space.

The point at which clean, elegant form meets the luxury of function can be found in the ercol Noto Recliner. Available in either leather or fabric, it’s designed to complement a range of spaces, but works beautifully with the Forli Corner Chaise. This ercol chair, with an integrated head and footrest, has been thoughtfully designed for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. And with subtle wooden detailing, it’s distinctly the kind of ercol design we love.

Sleek, slender, bold and robust are the words that spring to mind when we think of the Siena ercol Sideboard. Practical in function and intricately detailed in design, it’s a statement piece ideal for compact living spaces. Even though it’s small in stature, this ercol sideboard has been weighted for stability, making a sturdy, functional piece of solid oak furniture.

The ercol dining room – the essential backdrop to culinary adventures

At Roomes, we believe the dining room is one of the most important spaces in any home. It’s not just where we indulge in culinary delights, it’s a space to connect with loved ones. That’s why creating an elegant backdrop is essential.

And what better place to start than with an ercol dining table like the one from the Romana range. It’s understated in its intent with finely crafted finishes, subtle detailing and soft shapes. This solid oak dining table is characterised by legs with organic, flowing lines and a shaped edge to the top panel that’s distinctly the vintage mid-century design you’ve come to expect from ercol.


When it comes to ercol dining chairs, they certainly don’t disappoint. Whether you’re looking for the classic styling of Romana dining chairs or a little more luxurious comfort with the Romana Padded Back Dining Chairs, you’ll find a collection defined by soft curves and sophisticated craftsmanship. And, of course, all in solid oak.

For contemporary styling, you could opt for an ercol bench from the Evie range on one side of your ercol dining table. It’s a beautifully designed, simple statement piece with smooth geometric lines that will add refined character to any dining space.

The classic Heritage ercol armchair takes its please seamlessly among any ercol collection you’ll find at Roomes. Adding it as a feature piece to the Romana ercol Dining Table will serve to pull through more of the classic ercol mid-century identity to your dining space.

Start the journey of redefining your living spaces when you pop by our Roomes Upminster store, and be inspired by our new ercol studio.