Bedroom planning can be notoriously difficult – this is the space that’s primarily for sleeping, but in most houses it is also space that has to work hard in a number of different ways.

Incorporating wardrobes, dressing tables and even workspaces can be tricky when you’re working with an unusual room layout or size.

We sat down with our bedroom planning team to find out their insider tips for creating a bedroom that works for you…



  1. What’s the first thing to do before planning a new bedroom design? 

The first step is to establish what you need to achieve with your bedroom space. Think about what you need functionally and stylistically, whether that’s more storage or a particular look; whether you just need new wardrobes or a whole new room-wide solution. Decide which colours you like and dislike. Take a look at our website and see if any of our bedroom furniture catches your eye – this can be a great starting point.

  1. What are the common mistakes people make when designing a bedroom? 

We regularly see our customers over-estimating the space they have to work with which can be easily done if you’re working with an empty room. Trying to fit too much into the space will make the room feel smaller and crowded. Although it’s important to maximise storage space this can be done cleverly so as to not overwhelm your bedroom.



  1. What are the three most important things to remember about a bedroom layout? 
    1. Leave enough space to keep things from being cramped.
    2. Choose a harmonious colour scheme that promotes sleep and wellbeing.
    3. Choose the right size bed for you.


  1. How can Roomes help customers to make the most of their space? 

Using our Nolte Bedroom Planning software we can create detailed plans to asses which units will fit in the space that you have. Our experts will make sure to get the best use out of awkward corners, as well as optimising space inside your storage units with internal shelves, drawers and lighting.

  1. Tell us a little bit about the virtual room planning software you use to create the designs. 

Our virtual software is very simple to use. Once we have your room measurements we can begin to draw up some layout options, showing you a range of colours, finishes and trims presented in a virtual 3D replica of your home. We can adjust and tweak the design as many times as is needed to create your dream bedroom to your budget.



  1. How can you tailor each design to the customer’s personal style? 

Before we start we’ll talk through your preferred materials, styles and colours, and we can take your existing furniture and décor into account when suggesting products. We can show you a visualisation of the scheme through our virtual planning software, and if you’re looking for a more comprehensive bedroom makeover we can work hand-in-hand with our Interior Designer.

7. How do you make the ordering process simple/straight-forward? 

Once you have approved our design we can arrange to come and confirm measurements and the proposed layout in your home. The plans are then sent to our manufacturers in Germany. Once your order is ready our approved fitters will deliver and fit everything for you, so it’s a stress-free solution.

  1. What brands do you work with to build a dream bedroom? 

The two main brands we use are from Germany: Nolte & Disellkamp. We also have many individual pieces from other brands which we’ll combine to create a cohesive look.

  1. How important is the type of bedroom storage you choose? 

You can never have enough storage space – so we recommend not limiting your room to just wardrobes, but consider also chests of drawers which come in all shapes and sizes, and even under-bed storage – a divan or Ottoman style bed can provide useful extra space for storing things out of sight.

  1. Help my bedroom is a funny shape – how can you help? 

There are furniture ranges that allow a high degree of flexibility – we can always advise on what is & isn’t possible.

  1. Can you help me plan my bedroom virtually or do I need to come into store? 

We can plan virtually over Zoom and telephone calls, or undertake a socially distanced visit to your home if you do not wish to come into store.

Bedroom planning


  1. Can you work around some of my existing furniture? 

Yes we can although your existing items wouldn’t necessarily be included in the floor plan (unless we were working with you on a full Interior Design Scheme).

  1. How much should I budget for an entire room makeover? 

This is a difficult one to answer as with any bespoke service there are many variables which can affect costs. We do accommodate many different budgets.

  1. Can I get help to install my new furniture? 

Our wardrobe schemes are installed for you by the furniture supplier’s fitters.


  1. What is the difference between your Bedroom Planning Service and your Interior Design Service? 

The Bedroom Planning service is primarily for designing bedroom storage such as wardrobes and chests of drawers through our virtual planning software. This service is completely free. Our interior Design service is a top-to-toe redesign of any room of your choice, considering colour palate, paint, wallpaper, accessories, flooring, and furniture. We present moodboards and virtual layouts planned to suit your style. There is a charge for this service.

16. Once I have my designs am I under any obligation to purchase?

No there is no obligation to purchase any of the furniture we design for you but we would be delighted if we could help.