As the song goes, ‘you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties’ and that’s because the botanical kitchen has always been where the magic happens – traditionally centred around the ritual of cooking, but now also where we come to eat, drink, work, relax and party.

Your botanical kitchen really should feel like the hub of your home – a warm and inviting space where your family will naturally gather. If your kitchen is feeling a little lacklustre and in need of a fresh look for summer, one easy and affordable way to switch things up is with the addition of plants.

Millennials are obsessing over house plants and we are too! ‘Plant Mama‘ is becoming a social media status equal to owning and caring for a pet, and plant care is having a total 1970s revival with countless blogs, books and Instagram influencers honing the art. Fill your home with botanicals and reap the rewards of purer air quality and a feeling of tranquility and calm.

You may feel strange about placing plants around your kitchen, but trust us, a flash of green trailing across some carefully curated open shelving will look effortlessly cool, bohemian and bang on trend without having to break the bank.

We’re also seeing leafy greens creep into textiles, with tropical prints popping up everywhere in the coolest Pinterest-worthy homes. Recreating this look is easy too – try adding bold printed scatter cushions with palm leaves or cactus prints to your breakfast bar stools or dining chairs.

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