The Italian Collection


Every exclusive design exudes refined Italian style and boasts an obsessive attention to the finest details. Expert craftsmen transform our ideas into reality. Expert hands work polyurethane, cut leather, and stitch fabrics. And so, the prototype is born: an indispensable step to improve and further enhance the design. Every stitch and every curve is handcrafted with passion to create the perfect balance between design and comfort. Wood is the first real contact between nature and the hands of a master craftsman. Wood can be bent yet it can be straightened, it’s solid yet mouldable. Quality derives from choosing the right timber, skilfully joining it together and meeting formaldehyde emission standards. Shaping polyurethane foam means adding the softness that characterises a sofa to the sturdiness of wood. Polyurethane is produced without adding CFCs, which makes it ecological. Lightness, breathability and outstanding mechanical qualities are achieved thanks to thin, hollow cells in its honeycomb structure. The positioning of the elastic webbing is studied and analysed too, in order to maximize comfort. Webbing must be wide enough (7 cm) and spaced out evenly, at a distance of 3-5 cm approximately. This ensures that individual bands don’t undergo too much strain, thus preventing loss of elasticity over time.

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Boxy and smart in design, with a strong silhouette, Corfu sits perfectly in industrial and modern style interiors. Don’t be fooled by the polished aesthetic though, this sofa is as comfortable as it is cool. The padded cushions and headrests are angled to fit with the contours of the body, and the recliner option allows for hours of uninterrupted lounging.

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Sleek, modern and stylish, Rhodes is a design that will last a lifetime, adding a touch of Italian glamour to any home. Featuring elegant angled feet to create the feeling of flowing space beneath the sofa; and a supportive head rest that provides endless comfort. Choose from recliner, L-shape, loveseat or sectional to fit perfectly within the dimensions of your room.

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Classic style meets contemporary comfort, Patmos is a practical fit for any home. Deep padded back cushions with generous proportions have been carefully designed to hug the body and leave you feeling fully supported and weightless. Structured arms create a robust silhouette and recliner functionality means the whole family can revel in its luxurious relaxation.

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The Florence leather sofa is a good sized Italian leather sofa with a stylish modern design that features stress resistant foam to give you a more comfortable seat. It is available in a range of sofa sizes and as a loveseat and will grace any home with its modern looks.

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Savanna dining is a contemporary collection blending in seamlessly with any surroundings. A simple and smart design, linear yet sophisticated where every detail is truly important, this is reflected in the craftsmanship dedicated to every piece in the range.

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Make a statement in any room in your home with the handsome and bold modern style provided by the pieces of the Conte Dining Collection. Each piece creates a sleek silhouette through the use of vertical and horizontal lines. The surfaced oak finish used throughout the collection adds to the sleek design of each piece with a glossy look.

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