This month here at Roomes we’ve mostly been taking full advantage of finally being able to dine with family and friends again. It’s been too long! Many of us have been particularly enjoying hosting dinner parties at home – not least because it avoids the stress of finding a restaurant with availability! We think there’s something particularly special about dining at home; you get to be in complete control of what’s on the menu, the ambience and the closing time! Plus, with a little bit of planning there’s no reason why dining at home can’t feel every bit as special as an evening out. Here are our top five ways to elevate your entertaining game:


1. Get prepared

If there’s one thing that really takes the shine off playing host, it’s a last-minute panic about the food! Make sure you plan your menu in advance, shop for your ingredients ahead of time and are cooking something you’ve made successfully before. A dinner party is not the time to experiment with a new recipe! If you feel relaxed about the food, it puts you in the best frame of mind to enjoy your evening. Your guests will of course be looking forward to a delicious meal, but most of all they’re coming to spend time with you. The last thing they’ll want is for you to feel stressed or end up spending the whole evening in the kitchen!

2. Set the stage

What’s the secret to turning your everyday dining table into the setting for a night to remember? Decor, darling! And the good news is you don’t need to be an interiors aficionado with a huge budget to create a striking table. Dig out those table linens you usually only showcase at Christmas (unless they’re covered in reindeer, of course!), break out your best china and add some simple decorative touches to your table. Charger plates are an inexpensive and reusable way of adding colour and finesse to a place setting. And nothing elevates a tablescape quite like the addition of fresh flowers and foliage – even more so if they’re home-grown
(and free!).


3. Add some mood lighting

Create a restaurant-esque ambience for your occasion with the addition of mood lighting. Tea lights are an effortless way to bring that relaxed vibe into your home and they’re available in huge bumper packs, so they’re really cost-effective too. Simply pop them into candleholders or other objects you’ve already got in the cupboards – think pretty cake stands, ramekins and trays. The trick to using tea lights without making your dining room feel like a shrine is to display them in small groups in key places like windowsills, shelves and side tables. Strings of fairy lights are another way of instantly adding atmosphere to your dinner party, and they’re especially impactful if you’re dining outside in the summer months.

4. Create a playlist

Background music is a must-have at any dinner party. Not only does it prevent natural breaks in conversation from feeling awkward, it adds energy to your evening and can also inject a bit of your personality into proceedings. A great way to avoid the pressure of playing DJ on the night is to get organised beforehand and create a playlist. Get the whole family involved in choosing the songs, or even invite your guests to send through their suggestions ahead of time. That way, there’ll be something to get everyone’s toes tapping!


5. Plan a warm welcome

Set the tone for your evening by giving your guests a warm welcome. A tasty appetiser or special drink upon arrival is always very well received, and you’ll find lots of recipes online for canapés and cocktails you can easily make at home. Feeling creative? Why not concoct your own signature snack or tempting tipple – you could even challenge your guests to guess the ingredients for a bit of fun! If you’re someone who likes to do things a bit differently, you could plan a murder-mystery game and greet your guests with a costume or some props to help them get into character. That’s a welcome they won’t forget in a hurry!

Is it time to update your dining furniture?

There are few things in life more heart-warming than the simple pleasure of gathering with loved ones for a leisurely meal and meaningful conversation. Your dining table, of course, plays a key role in this scene, so it’s important it offers you all the functionality you need while also matching your personal style and complementing the look and feel of your room. At Roomes, we stock a range of dining tables and chairs from the best brands in the business, including Ercol and Venjakob. Whether your dining area is a large standalone room or a cosy nook within an open-plan layout, you’ll find something to suit every home, taste and budget. And, as always, our interior advisors are on hand to guide you through our collection and help you find the very best option for you to be dining at home.

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