Your information wallet will contain:

  • A copy of your order
  • Product information leaflet relevant to the goods that you have ordered
  • A copy of the finance agreement (if appropriate)

Please take a moment to check that the details on the order have been produced correctly and are what you expect, notifying us of any discrepancies within 48 hours.

Also noted will be details of any additional services if appropriate i.e. Collection/disposal of old furniture, Installation Services and Accidental Damage Warranties etc.

If you have any queries about any aspect of your order please do not hesitate to give your sales consultant a call on 01708 255300.

We can accept cancellations or amendments to orders prior to delivery where the goods are sold from our existing warehouse stocks. However most goods are specially ordered and made specifically for you (perhaps in a special fabric or finish) and once production is underway then we are contractually obliged to accept and pay the supplier for those goods.

Although it may still be possible for us to accept a cancellation once your order is underway or within 28 days of delivery of your order into your home,  for which a cancellation fee of up to 50% will be charged.


They contain important information about the maintenance and care of your product that will affect its performance, appearance and any guarantee.

If you have not received product care information please call the store and we will be more than happy to forward it to you.

This order is based on the information you have given to us so, it is worth taking a bit of extra time to be sure and double check that firstly the goods you have chosen are suitable in terms of size for the chosen room and also that there is adequate access through doorways and halls to get your furniture into your house. Please note it is your responsibility te ensure the goods you have ordered will go into your premises and supplier specification sheets are a guide to size only.

Better safe than sorry! – if you have doubts about getting furniture into your home we will gladly come to either measure and assess levels of access for you or carry out a trial run.

See also details of our “Dismantling Service” which is a chargeable service.

On your order we give the estimated delivery period as a guide to when your order is likely to be delivered to us. Unfortunately these dates are not under our control and cannot be guaranteed. Our suppliers are often sourcing raw materials not just in the UK but also Europe, the Americas or the Far East, and sometimes the supply chain can become over-extended.

We will monitor expected delivery times and update you when necessary in order to keep as close as possible to estimated delivery dates.

If you have a particular deadline to meet please let your sales consultant know and we will make every effort to meet that date.

Once your order arrives at our warehouse we expect to deliver this to your home within 4 weeks. If this will not be possible please see our section on storage arrangements.

If you have any queries at all with regard to your delivery dates or your order in general do not hesitate to give your sales consultant a call on 01708 255300.

Arranging Delivery ? (01708) 255330

When we receive your order from suppliers we will check that it is correct and that packing etc is intact and undamaged (As a rule we do not unwrap and check every item prior to delivery, although this can be done by special arrangement).

Our Scheduler will then send wither an email or text message to advise that your order has arrived in our Warehouse and asking you to contact them to arrange delivery. If you do not
have an email address or mobile number you will receive a call directly to your landline. Our
schedules are arranged for a full day delivery and you will receive an email/text the night
before delivery to advise you of your time slot to save you having to wait in all day.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your delivery we require a minimum of 48 hours
notice. Cancellations within 48 hours will incur an extra delivery charge.

If you are not quite ready to take delivery of your purchase then we will be more than happy to store your goods for you until such time as you are. All we ask is that if this is likely to be longer than 4 weeks you let us know at the time of order and we will also ask that the balance is paid after that period. Extended storage periods (i.e. for longer than 6 weeks) will be chargeable at the rate of £50 per month.

If there is a balance to pay prior to delivery you will be asked to settle that before the goods are delivered to your home. For your convenience debit or credit card payments may be taken over the phone when you book your delivery. Alternatively payment can be made through the BACS system. If it is easier you can call into the store with your final payment, all we ask is that the balance is settled 3 days prior to the arranged delivery date.

Don’t worry if you do forget, we will give you a courtesy call prior to delivery to finalise the payment. Credit Agreements are processed by us the day after delivery.

Your sales order will describe the level of service you can expect:

  • Standard Service – we will deliver to the room of your choice (access permitting), position your goods and remove waste packaging. For ease of transportation suppliers will often ship tables with their legs removed – these will be assembled for you. Deliveries are generally made by our own liveried vehicles or at busy times by approved contractors. If you are not able to receive your complete order it may be possible to arrange a part delivery, however, please be aware there may be a charge for an additional delivery and you will be asked to pay for the goods you are receiving.
  • Assembly Service – where bulky goods are shipped in their component parts (usually wardrobes,bedsteads, etc.) it will be noted on your order whether we will assemble them for you (in which case a charge will apply due to the time taken) or if it is something you will be undertaking yourself the order will indicate “Customer to assemble”. We are unable to offer a service for fixing furniture to the wall.
  • Furniture Collection & Disposal We work in conjunction with charitable organisations who are looking for furniture as well as a local collect and dispose company. Details available on our website.
  • Out of Area Deliveries – If we are delivering outside of our local area there will be a
    surcharge to help cover the additional delivery costs of our vehicle or contractor.
  • Dismantling Service – In the extremely unlikely event that we cannot complete delivery due to restricted or awkward access we can recommend a sub-contractor who dismantles and reassembles upholstery. This is a chargeable service and does not affect your structural guarantee.

If you would like to take advantage of any of these services and they do not feature on your order, or you have any special request regarding delivery please contact your Sales Consultant to have them added to the order.

We do take every care whilst delivering your furniture but would ask that any valuable pictures, ornaments, light fittings etc. are removed for their safety. Our delivery team cannot be held responsible for any damages if items along thedelivery route are not removed.

After-sales Service? (01708) 255320

Despite our best endeavours, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. As part of our overall service, our dedicated Customer Service Team will be pleased to deal with any queries or issues arising after you have taken delivery, helping to remedy problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether it be at the point of delivery or at a later date. Our aim is to ensure you receive a level of after-sales service that sets us apart from our competitors.

As a family business we are driven by the satisfaction of our customers and your continued support. Our guarantee is an extra service for a period of five years and includes the following:

  • Upholstery: frames, spring units, metal motion parts.
  • Cabinet furniture: structure.
  • Beds: springs, divan frames, slats.

The product information care and information literature that was issued with your order together with the manufacturer’s documentation will help explain how to care for your product and explain the individual characteristics in use.

Please be aware we are unable to guarantee the following:

‘Fair Wear and Tear’: in particular upholstery fabric, flattening in pile fabrics, Fabric/Leather soiling, rips, tears, burns, or product mis-use Stretching or puddling of leather, Natural settlement or loss of density of cushion interiors, Leather Surface Contamination caused by hair or body oils, Settlement of Bed fillings, the natural characteristics of wood finishes.

We will be happy to assist you in any way we can with service issues outside the terms of our guarantee (eg fair wear & tear) but these will be chargeable on an ‘at cost’ basis. Similarly if goods are considered a manufacturing fault and judged “irreparable”, we will make an allowance against a replacement or alternative product that takes into account the use that item has already had. This will be calculated on a sliding depreciative scale of length-of-use and the remaining guarantee period.

The guarantee may be invalidated if the purchaser does not follow or carry out proper care procedures as outlined in the ‘Product Care Information’ section of this leaflet or in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations where applicable, or where the product has been adapted, abused or altered.

The amount of any claim under the guarantee shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory merchandise.

*2 months guarantee applies for ‘marquee’ or ‘clearance’ merchandise, accessories
and kitchen/bar stools. *3 year guarantee applies for garden furniture.

The above conditions relating to Roomes Guarantee do not affect your Statutory Rights.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact our Customer Service Department on 01708 255320. We will try to resolve any issues that you have as quickly as possible and if necessary we will explain how to follow our complaints procedure. If you remain unhappy with our final response, you may be entitled to refer your complaint to the Furniture & Home Improvements Ombudsman and we are bound to follow any decision that they make.

To find out more about the Ombudsman and how you might be able to use their dispute resolution service visit or phone 0333 241 3209.