We work hard on our sustainability and to reduce and minimise the impact that our business has on the environment across all areas of our business.

Our business model is to serve our surrounding and immediate communities and this helps to reduce travel and pollution and is of course beneficial in being able to efficiently and attentively service our customers. The suppliers and brand partners that we work with have their own environmental policies which are important to us which helps us select the right companies to collaborate with. There have been wonderful advances in materials and manufacturing methods and our suppliers are at the forefront of that development which allows us to instil this approach.

What are we doing

We are always seeking new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and we’re always looking for new ideas and initiatives so please get in touch via our contact form if you think there are ways in which we could do more.

  • Reduce paper printing for orders and administration
  • Reduce packaging wherever we can
  • Removal and recycling of packaging
  • Mattress recycling
  • Reusable coffee and tea cups
  • 150 Roof mounted solar panels for renewable energy
  • Low emission transportation
  • Environmentally friendly LED store lighting
  • Reduced printed material

Furniture to keep

Another important factor is the furniture that we sell to our customers and the quality of that furniture.

Our aim is to provide you with sustainable furniture that lasts for a long time and can even be handed down through generations. Our brand partners share the same view and aim to deliver highly durable, quality products that withstand the test of time. Where one of our products is at the end of its lifecycle then we can often assist with removal and recycling – so please call our team today for further information.