The weather outside is well and truly frightful, so if there’s ever a time that your home should be welcoming and ‘just-so’, it’s in these inhospitable winter months – and if you can do so while making great savings, then that’s got to help achieve that warm, fuzzy feeling we’re all hankering after.

Making a house feel like an oasis during a damp British winter is one of most common questions our in-store interior advisers get asked. We’ve called upon our experts to share some tried and tested tips on making a home winter ready. And we’re not just talking cranking up the central heating…


Opt for warm colour tones in soft textures. You don’t need to redecorate – you can add this touch in with accessories and upholstery. Keep walls to neutral shades to help make the change in theme between the seasons easier.  If you don’t want to commit to replacing larger furniture home accessories will hit the mark. It’s amazing how a room can be refreshed with a change of cushions and well-chosen pieces.

Stock up on contrasting throws, they’re not only a welcoming dash of colour to the upholstery, they’re an excellent blanket for wrapping up in too. No Christmas film is complete without one. Warning – they will migrate around the house, from living room to bedroom, so you might want to pick up a few.

Whether you’re toasting your toes by a roaring fire or cosying up to a radiator (or both!) keeping the heat where it should be can be helped greatly with the use of heavier curtains. Choose weightier material in warming colours to add to your winter scheme. Our in-store experts can help you with everything from the right lining, colours, measurements and fabric.

Sunset is currently around 15:45pm right now giving us shorter days and longer nights. Combat this in the house with carefully chosen lighting. Again, opt for warm shades to help the overall feel and theme of the room and add a lower wattage lightbulb to give a soft glow, brightening the room on even the greyest, darkest days.

The Roomes winter sale goes live on Boxing Day, so this is the perfect time to pick up the pieces you need to make your home a winter haven.

We’ll see you in-store!