Need a new guest bed this Christmas?

Christmas is almost upon us, and as we all dive head-first into our shopping lists, social dates and annual tasks (where did we put that box of tree decorations?), we’re here to remind you not to overlook one important piece of Christmas preparation:

If you have guests staying with you this Christmas, have you got enough comfy places for them to sleep?

It’s one of those little-but-important details that has a habit of sneaking up on us. But if you care about your guests having a good night’s sleep while they’re with you (and of course you do!) then it’s worth taking stock of your sleeping arrangements to make sure you have everything you need. Here’s our checklist of things to think about if you’re planning to welcome overnight visitors this Christmas.


cosy guest bed at christmas time with cushion

Is your spare mattress up to the job?

If you have a spare bed, when was the last time you lay on it yourself? Do you even know how the mattress feels?

While of course a mattress that only gets occasional use doesn’t need replacing as often as every seven years (which is The Sleep Council’s recommendation for changing your main mattress), it’s easy to forget how old your spare mattress actually is!

If you’re intending to use your spare bed for your festive guests, it’s well worth having a lay on it yourself and seeing it you can get comfy. If not, it might be time to think about replacing the mattress!

This December at Roomes we have some great bundle offers on the UK’s most-awarded mattress brand, Emma Sleep. Emma’s innovative bed-in-a-box concept not only makes it quick and easy to get your new mattress in your home and onto your bed, but the combination of world-class German engineering and UK manufacturing makes Emma mattresses exceptionally comfortable. Plus, they all come with washable covers and a 20-year guarantee!

Come and visit us in store to try out an Emma mattress for yourself, and if you snap one up before 31st January 2022 you’ll get a FREE bedding bundle worth up to £337!

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Emma Sleep Guest Bed Mattress in a grey bedroom with rug and bedside table


Sofa Beds

If you don’t have a permanent guest bed in your home, don’t panic. A sofa bed is a great solution for putting people up in comfort with minimal hassle.

Gone are the days when sofa beds were basic, uncomfortable and ugly! Today, there’s a huge choice of sofa beds available in a range of styles that will complement any décor, so they’re an ideal option for homes without a spare room, or if you use that space as a playroom or office most of the time. For day-to-day life, a sofa bed provides handy extra seating, but it can be transformed into a cosy place for your visitors to sleep in seconds!

At Roomes we have a wide selection of sofa beds in an array of colours, fabrics and sizes. Pop into store and we’ll guide you through the range to find the right sofa bed for you.

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Guest bed sofa in living room with throw and cushions


When you’re considering the guest-readiness of your spare bed or sofa bed, don’t forget to check out your pillows. Many people overlook the importance of pillows, but they can literally make or break a night’s sleep – there’s nothing worse than trying to get comfy on an old, worn-out pillow!

The reason pillows make such a difference is because they ensure your head stays aligned with your neck and spine while you sleep, keeping it in a neutral position for optimum comfort and a peaceful, undisturbed night.

If it’s time to update the pillows on your guest bed or sofa bed, come and see us and we’ll introduce you to some of our favourites, such as the TEMPUR® Comfort and Cloud Pillows, which are filled with Extra Soft™ Material micro-cushions to cradle your head and neck.


Smiling woman resting on a memory foam guest bed and pillow


The Sleep Dept. at Roomes 

At Roomes we have a dedicated Sleep Dept. where our team of sleep experts (known as the Bedonists) can help you find your ideal solution for guest beds this Christmas. Pop in to discover our huge range of beds and mattresses from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Harrison, Sealy, Tempur, Reylon and Hypnos.

Of course, a warm and festive welcome comes as standard!

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