By now even the hardiest of us have waved hello to autumn and goodbye to the summer for another year. Flip-flops are packed away and the layers are slowly creeping on. Whether you’re mourning the loss of the longer, warmer days or you’re embracing your woolies, autumn is upon us.

Let’s look on the bright side. Autumn is perhaps the most beautiful of the seasons. Nature in all her glory turns the world into a palette of reds, gold, deep browns and tan.  We get to start making comfort food again – soups, stews, puddings with custard. The TV is arguably better, we’re rewarded with photo-worthy sunsets and bright, chilly days. There are new coats to shop for, and old favourite jumpers to discover again. A change is good.

This applies to our homes too. Making even the subtlest changes to your interior can help with the transition from the longer days and lighter nights of summer to the darkness of winter. This is the time to embrace the indoors, to get cosy and create a welcoming environment everyone will want to retreat to.  And furthermore, you don’t need a complete room refresh to bring the season indoors.


Take inspiration from nature in your autumn palette. Think gold hues, all the spectrum of red from rosehip bright to claret deep. Natural brown and tan grounds a room while deep mossy greens make for a relaxing space.


Think deep, plush velvet for your autumn makeover. Wool adds warmth and helps with the impulse to close the door and snuggle down.  If you’re making a major investment such as a sofa or armchair, consider velvet or soft leather – tan and brown work beautifully in leather while jewel coloured velvet creates a rich, opulent scheme. Cushions, throws and rugs are all easy ways to pile on the warmer textures.


Soften the corners and create warmth and interest with the right lighting.  Make a statement with a floor lamp or bring a new hue with a table lamp, opt for warm tones of brass, gold and copper. Cluster candles together in an interesting mix of candleholders – try amber colour glass and brass will add seasonal tones.

A change is good indeed. Have a look at our Instagram page for more inspiration.

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