Ahhh, sleep. So precious. So restorative. So very essential for our health and well-being.

And yet, a lot of the time it seems the odds are stacked against us when it comes to getting a genuinely restful, peaceful night’s sleep. Busy lives, young children, incessant technology, feeling anxious or stressed, illness or injury, eating too close to bedtime – the list of factors that can affect our sleep goes on and on.

At Roomes, we have a dedicated team of experts – our Bedonists – who are obsessed with advising our customers on all things sleep related. While we can’t stop your baby waking up through the night or cure your partner’s snoring, one thing we can advise on is creating a bedroom environment that will set the stage for a good night’s sleep, every night.

And the star of the show? It is, of course, your mattress.

We’ve spent years working with the best mattress manufacturers in the business and it’s fair to say we’ve tried and tested every kind of mattress out there. In this blog, we’re bringing TEMPUR® mattresses into the spotlight and explaining why the brand should definitely be on your shortlist when it comes to choosing your next mattress.


The TEMPUR® story

In the late 1960s, NASA scientists and engineers were asked to develop a material to absorb the G-force pressure astronauts endured during lift-off and landing. In response to this brief, they invented a viscoelastic material with both high-energy absorption and soft, pressure-relieving properties.

The founders of Danish company TEMPUR® saw the potential of this unique substance and started importing and selling it in cushions for healthcare purposes. Years later, one of the TEMPUR® scientists recognised that the material would be perfect for sleeping on. The team worked tirelessly for two years, enhancing the adaptability and durability of the material further, and in 1991 the world’s first memory-foam mattress and pillow were released.

More than thirty years on, though other companies have developed their own versions of the product, TEMPUR® continues to be the only company recognised by NASA and certified by the US Space Foundation. And the company’s mission has remained the same through the decades: to improve the sleep of more people every night, all around the world.


How does a TEMPUR® mattress feel?

The simple answer to that question is this: a TEMPUR® mattress feels different to everyone.

The unique material within every TEMPUR® mattress delivers a personalised balance of comfort and support. No matter which position you like to sleep in, the cells inside the mattress will instantly respond and adapt to your individual shape, weight and warmth, providing a feeling of blissful relaxation that helps you drift off faster and sleep better, deeper and longer.

TEMPUR® technology has been clinically proven to absorb and evenly distribute pressure on the body, thereby helping to reduce aches and pains caused by stress on common pressure points such as the lower back, knees, shoulders and neck. It’s also proven to reduce tossing and turning and – unlike a standard memory-foam mattress – a TEMPUR® mattress absorbs motion from your partner, making you less likely to disturb one another through the night.


How long does a TEMPUR® mattress last?

The National Bed Federation recommends changing your mattress every seven years, but TEMPUR® mattresses are designed to surpass that lifespan and each one comes with a ten-year guarantee as standard. This means you can sleep easy for a whole decade before you need to think about replacing your mattress.

This industry-beating guarantee also means that a TEMPUR® mattress is a more environmentally responsible choice, because they don’t need to be replaced as often.

You’ll find it super easy to keep your mattress in tip-top condition at home, thanks to the fact they don’t need turning and come with a QuickRefreshTM cover that can be removed and washed at 60° to keep it hygienically clean and remove allergens.


What does the TEMPUR® range include?

Within the TEMPUR® mattress collection you’ll find four different grades, known as ‘feels’.

TEMPUR® Cloud mattresses are at the soft end of the spectrum, followed by Original for medium support, Sensation for those who like a firm mattress and finally Hybrid, which combines TEMPUR® technology with micro-coil pocketed springs to offer exceptional support with a medium feel.

The TEMPUR® pillow range consists of Ergonomic and Classic options to complement your mattress and provide a full-body support experience. With a three-year guarantee as standard, TEMPUR® pillows are graded from a soft to a firm feel and designed to further enhance the quality of your sleep.


TEMPUR® at Roomes

The best way to shop for your new mattress is to visit our Sleep Department, where our expert Bedonists will guide you through our comprehensive range of TEMPUR® mattresses. We’ll listen to your preferences and offer advice on finding the perfect mattress for you. And, of course, you’ll be able to try before you buy!

For more tips on getting a good night’s sleep and a handy guide to buying your next mattress, check out our beginner’s guide to Bedonism.