The Harrison Bedroom Collection

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A natural and advanced solution to a comfortable night’s sleep…

Comfort from nature – a Harrison bed is the natural choice for a good night’s sleep and our ‘Pure Performance’ range takes comfort from nature to deliver a healthier sleeping environment for you. Layers of natural fillings allow the mattresses to breathe, absorb moisture and regulate body temperature whilst providing soft, hygienic and luxurious comfort.


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Elegant and considered, Heath’s exquisite tailoring paired with its more contemporary style give a look that is casual yet refined.

Beautiful lines, deep comfort, fine craftsmanship and hand-stitched details give each and every Collins & Hayes sofa a smart yet casual appeal you’ll always love to come home to.


While away the hours on a Maple sofa from Collins & Hayes. The stylish curvaceous back is gently complemented by the deep sumptuous seats and feather filled back cushions – ensuring you’ll find comfort every single time you take a seat.

Combine hues of rust, spice and bramble with the understated elegance of a Collins & Hayes sofa or chair for a space that’ll warm your senses throughout autumn and winter whilst cradling you in comfort.


Invitingly soft and casual, Miller offers an extensive range of options from upholstered and slip cover choices, right through to chaise end styles and a corner group.

This collection of iconic plains allows you
to express your style perfectly and combines beautifully with the Collins & Hayes
fabric collection.


Sink into the irresistibly soft, deep seated comfort of Radley. Created to give a more contemporary and stylish look, the design of Radley is emphasized by its clean lines and gently tapered arms.

Available as an upholstered or slip cover sofa the clean gentle lines of Radley create a beautiful shape for slip covers in lighter tones or printed designs.

Heligan 11200

Inside the Heligan mattress over 11200 Revolution and HD springs work side by side to provide greater support. The double side stitching ensures you are supported right up to the edge of the sleeping surface, offering great stability over the lifetime of the mattress. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support.

The Heligan’s careful blend of wool, cotton and mohair creates a soft, yet comfortingly stable filling. Equipped with Warm Side/Cool Side technology to regulate your body temperature all year round.

Kew 13200

The Kew bed features our layered HD Airflow pocket spring system which uses the spring’s natural pump action inside perforated pockets to drive air through the mattress. By keeping it well ventilated, the fibres that are both naturally mildew resistant and damp resistant stay fresh and dry throughout its lifetime.

Working in harmony with the springs are layers of natural flax and a blend of the finest wool, cotton and mohair. All secured by woollen tufts to create a luxuriously comfortable sleeping experience. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support.

Trebah 16200

The Trebah has 16200 springs including our lightweight titanium alloy springs and has been triple side stitched for generous support and stability. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support. Within its generous layers of natural fillings can be found a choice blend of Egyptian cotton.

The softest, finest cotton imaginable, its fine strands make the mattress more breathable and offer a superior level of comfort. Features Warm Side/Cool Side technology and is finished with the finest damask mattress fabric.

Wisley 18200

The Wisley’s 18200 springs feature our very own award winning Revolution spring system. Spring Within Spring technology offers responsive support wherever you lie on the mattress. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support.

Its interior has a delicate blend of the finest wool and mohair for a luxuriously soft sleeping experience and the mattress is finished with triple side stitching for increased stability.

Hampton 17800

With a nested Revolution core and lightweight titanium alloy springs the Hampton ensures the most luxurious and supportive sleep. Its 16 air vents work alongside HD Airflow springs to ensure the mattress is breathable, while Warm Side/Cool Side technology allows you to tailor your sleep to the seasons.

Secured to the spring units with woollen tufts, the sumptuous blend of cashmere wool and wool creates a sleeping enviroment that is both luxuriously comfortable and infinitely stable. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support.

Monteviot 19800

The Monteviot 19800 designed to create a sleep sanctuary second to none. This luscious mattress is layer upon layer of lightweight titanium alloy springs, with hand-teased Yorkshire wool, cashmere hair and white curled hair, coupled with quadruple side-sitching, offering support right up to the edge of the sleeping surface and greater stability over the lifetime of the mattress.

With this luxurious blend of natural fillings and the Harrison expert craftsmanship, the mattress is able to offer a highly tailored and sumptuous level of comfort. This Monteviot 19800 comes in a range of sizes, with mattress options of gentle, medium, firm and dual tension with a full storage option also available.