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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Bed

Bed shops in Essex have a huge variety of beds for you to choose from, including single beds, bunk beds, double beds, king size beds, queen size beds and everything in between! If you are looking to purchase a new bed, there are many different factors that need to be considered.

This includes the size of the bed; its style; whether the price is right; the mattress you will buy to accompany the bed; access to your bedroom; and much more. Below, we reveal everything you need to keep in mind when buying a bed from one of the Essex sofa shops and bed shops that are available.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Bed

When buying a bed from one of the many bed shops Essex wide, there are many factors that need to be considered. Firstly, you need to think about the style of bed you want. Not only does this mean deciding between a traditional or contemporary style of bed, or choosing from a variety of different headboard designs, but it also involves considering the base of the bed too. Why is this important? Well, some beds are designed to provide you with extra storage, divan beds being a prime example of this. If you have a small bedroom or you are short of storage space in your house as a whole, this is a good idea.

Size also matters when shopping at bed shops Essex UK. If you are buying for a spare bedroom, you may want to consider a sofa bed for sale Essex as a way to make better use of space. Otherwise, you are probably aware of the different-sized beds that are available, from single to double and king-sized beds.

Nonetheless, you do need to check the dimensions before purchasing. Although two beds may have the same name – king size, for example – they may have slightly different dimensions if they are not from the same manufacturer. This is because bed sizes are not standardised. The style of frame can also affect dimensions. It is also worth noting that many bedsteads come in European sizes, and European common sizes can differ from UK ones.

Shop Smarter When Looking For Beds For Sale Essex Wide

Not only do you need to consider the type of bed you are going to purchase and the size of it, but where you will buy the bed from. There are many companies that claim to be one of the best bed shops Essex has to offer, but do they live up to the hype? Take the time to research the company on the Internet. Don’t only consider the reviews on their own website, but make sure you read reviews and feedback that have been left on independent review platforms as well. You can be sure that these comments are authentic and they will give you a good indication regarding the level of service you can expect.

Another way to buy smartly when considering beds for sale Essex wide is by considering access. How are you going to get the bed from the delivery van to your bedroom? Some styles of beds have split bases, which will make it a lot easier. To avoid any problems, it is a good idea to tell the retailer about any potential access issues, for example, tight corners and narrow staircases.

It is also a good idea to check the retailer’s terms and conditions. You will also want to make sure that the price is right. But remember, quality always comes first, as a surprisingly low cost often indicates poor quality construction. You need to purchase a bed that is made to last, boasting a solid frame, expert construction, and a stunning design.

Choosing A Mattress From One Of The Best Bed Stores In Essex

When you are doing your shopping online or at one of the various bed stores in Essex, it is important to also purchase a quality mattress to go with your bed. It is usually a good idea to buy these from the same store so that you can make sure everything is the right size. There are a few other factors to consider when looking for a mattress. With a mattress, it all comes down to comfort, and everyone differs in their preferences. Some people like firm mattresses, whereas others prefer something a bit softer.

Don’t assume that you need an extra-firm mattress because you have a bad back, or indeed that the opposite is true. Everyone has unique needs and comfort levels. You should also decide what type of mattress you want. There are many options, but the most common are memory foam; traditional innerspring; and hybrid mattresses, which are a combination of the two.

All three options have their pros and cons, so you should take the time to think about what is going to be right for you. Innerspring mattresses are often the most affordable, yet they aren’t incredibly durable.

Memory foam mattresses are more costly, but they are excellent for cushioning aching muscles and sore joints. Hybrid mattresses give you the best of both worlds. However, if you purchase a low quality hybrid mattress, you will get the worst of both! While there are many bedroom furniture stores in Essex, one that ticks all of the boxes and enables you to buy your bed and mattress together is Roomes Furniture.

One of the best bed shops Essex has to offer

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