How much is a good night’s sleep worth to you?

The Sleep Council recommends that we change our mattress every 7 years. That equates to 2555 days, so for just £1 a night that means you could be sleeping in a £2555 luxury bed.

To put this in to perspective – spending £2.40 on a takeaway coffee every day equates to £6132 over 7 years. Even if you only buy coffee 5 days a week and taking holidays in to account this still equates to around £4000. Imagine the quality of bed you could buy for this amount!

We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, so a quality mattress is the best investment you’ll ever make!

Sleep is something that we all have in common. We all need to sleep, but some of us do it far better than others.

This can be because of a combination of factors, but the most important and overriding factor is the quality of the bed and the mattress that you sleep on. If your mattress is old or saggy it can cause back problems, joint stiffness and restless nights, all leading to low energy and poor concentration levels.

Sleep plays a significant role in healing and repairing your heart and blood vessels. It helps us maintain a healthy weight and a good balance of hormones, as well as controlling sugar levels. In terms of mental health, a great night’s sleep helps to make the brain work properly and enables us to learn, remember, solve problems and make decisions, as well as safeguarding against stress, mood swings and depression.

So why put up with a bad night’s sleep?

There are so many different mattress and bed options to choose from these days that there is no excuse for not getting a great night’s sleep.

Sleep better… naturally

Different fillings can provide dramatically different properties to a mattress and are one of the most important things to consider. Some are warmer, some are softer and some are more resilient than others. As the fillings used in mattresses tend to have different properties they are commonly combined to provide comfort, support, breathability and resilience.

  • Latex: Latex is a natural material sourced from the rubber tree and has anti-microbial properties and offers excellent support and pressure.
  • Cotton: Due to its ability to breathe and absorb moisture, cotton provides a soft, cool feel.
  • Wool: A breathable & natural filling providing a resilient and luxury feel.
  • Hair: Due to it’s hard wearing properties hair prolongs the lifespan of a mattress.
  • Cashmere, Silk & Mohair: More commonly found in top end mattresses these natural fibres add a touch of luxury

Hybrid mattresses combine two or more support systems, usually memory foam layers along with an innerspring system. Hybrid mattresses are a great way to experience the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam while retaining the classic feel of an innerspring mattress.

Hybrid mattresses typically have the same size coils as innerspring mattresses, but they also use memory foam for support and contouring. The coil system enables the mattress to retain the bounciness that sleepers enjoy on innerspring mattresses, and the layers of memory foam create that unmistakable enveloping embrace. The coil system also gives hybrid mattresses a traditional mattress shape, as opposed to the straight lines and low profile of memory foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are often less expensive than memory foam mattresses, and they perform better than budget memory foam mattresses. The coils in a hybrid mattress will give more contouring support than the kind of foam core that’s found in lower end memory foam mattresses.

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Memory Foam – The material that revolutionised the industry

Over the past twenty years, the memory foam mattress has transformed from a novelty into a popular, affordable alternative to ubiquitous spring beds. Behind this change is the revolution in comfort and technology the material offers.

Visco-elastic memory foam is one of those innovations, originally developed for NASA in 1966. The material was intended to cushion and deflect the tremendous effects of gravitational pull experienced by astronauts during take off and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.

After potential applications for the medical and consumer fields were realised, visco elastic foam was sold to a public company which would eventually introduce memory foam mattresses in the 1990s. This marked a major breakthrough in an industry that had seen little advancement in nearly a century.

As awareness of memory foam and its use in mattresses spread, consumers began to take notice of the distinct benefits the material offers. Growing popularity and innovation spurred a variety of manufacturers to enter the field. Today memory foam mattresses account for around 20% of industry sales.

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