Take the Stressless test at Roomes...

Everyone's sense of comfort is different, yet Stressless chairs uniquely provide comfort for all. You really have to experience it for yourself though and you can do that at Roomes by taking the 'Stressless comfort test'.

When it comes to comfort - size matters...

It is so important to have furniture that fits the body perfectly. A comfortable sofa or chair isn't worth much if it is built for someone bigger or smaller than you! You'll find most Stressless recliner chairs come in a choice of sizes for the perfect fit.


Why choose Stressless ?...

  • The perforated foam, moulded directly over the frame of each Stressless chair gives you better seating comfort letting you sink deeper into the seat and back recliner.
  • Flexo springs on a steel frame ensure durable construction and maximum strength.
  • The 'Plus' system automatically provides correct support for your head and lower back.
  • Only genuine top-grain leather covers the front and back of all Stressless chairs.
  • The Stressless 'Glide' system automatically adjusts to your body weight, with no buttons or levers to pull.
  • A two-stem base offers smoother turning and stability than the one-stem swivels fitted on most recliners.

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