Here in 2019, it has never been more important to spread the phrase about a sustainable future.

From transport to architecture, creating environmentally sustainable products is essential to our society and providing sustainable homes is no different.

Making home interiors ecological has always been a necessity here at Roomes. Design may be what keeps our products up-to-date but making sure they are environmentally stable is just as important.

So, with this in mind, we need to start redesigning the homes of today to help rather than hinder the environment of tomorrow.


Holding near 10% of a room’s heat, carpet is a saviour during the long winter months and provides an extra layer of much-needed insulation. Not only this, but carpet doubles up as a fantastic purifier – trapping dust particles in the woollen fibres, it guarantees a fresh home for the future.

Roomes provides a comprehensive flooring service with an extensive range of floor types and on-hand expert advice, so that achieving a stylish and sustainable home is hassle-free.



When it comes to curtains, choosing the right style can really bump up your energy efficiency. Sustainable designs fight the winter frost by holding the warmth in, but also block the heat out when summertime takes its course.

Here at Roomes we believe curtains complete a home and with our luxury range by Montgomery Interiors, you’ll be spoilt for choice.



Maximising light can be hard when windows are limited. But by accessorising with mirrors and reflexive surfaces, light can freely bounce around your home. Eco-friendly light bulbs and fixtures are also a way to create light sustainably– energy-efficient light bulbs use roughly 25-80% less energy than traditional bulbs and can save you valuable money.



Fresh air at home is vital to maintaining a calm atmosphere and by dotting leafy foliage around the house, you are instantly bringing the outside in.


Our brand partners have a shared interest in making the home have a more sustainable future and with some simple changes, living sustainably is a breeze! Why not come visit us at Roomes and see if our ‘Make yourself a home’ team can improve your sustainability today.