Skovby, a Danish family business since 1933

Over 80 years ago cabinet maker Thorvald Rasmussen created his own foundation for sustainable and functional furniture. His son Vily and grandsons Preben and Jorgen have ensured his passion for great furniture still continues to this day.

By sharing their grandfather's passion the Skovby brand is now renowned worldwide for a combination of its design and innovative functionality and perhaps most uniquely it remains 100% a Danish owned family business, designed and manufactured entirely in Denmark.

Skovby quality, environmentally friendly...

An attention to detail comes across in everything they produce, utilising traditional production methods and uncompromising craftsmanship; from a choice of the finest woods to the lacquer finish, fittings, textiles, chair cushion foam and even the packaging has to meet the most exacting standards.
Every piece of Skovby furniture is designed, constructed and produced in one single Danish manufacturing complex. All woods are sourced from sustainable forests, even surplus wood chips and shavings are turned into fuel and utilised for heating the factory complex, making it as environmentally friendly as it could possibly be.

What makes Skovby furniture uniquely different?

Clever design features run through the entire Skovby collection.

Take for example their range of Skovby dining table options include extending tables, typically designed for flexibility and built to accommodate around six place settings, which can be extended by more than 5 metres to seat as many as 20 guests.

The Skovby model No.73 features a simple yet ingenious extension system that easily extends from 6 to 10 place settings; there are six wood finishes that make up the collection – beech, oak, cherry, black wenge, as well as teak and walnut veneers.

You'll find an endless choice of chairs in either natural wood or brushed steel, all have been subjected to the most rigorous testing for durability that guarantees a timeless and lasting quality.

The dining sets are complemented by a collection of sideboards and cabinets with some models that can be wall mounted for a clean, contemporary look or adapted to sit on either wood or brushed steel legs.

Skovby Furniture

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