Outstanding Orders and Supplier lead times

Whilst our suppliers have returned to work, there are still many unseen restrictions in their workplaces as they comply with safe working regulations.

Additionally, the lay-off period has meant an increase in demand not only for furniture, but all the component parts involved in its manufacture including foams, springs, fabrics and mechanisms, used in the manufacture of Furniture and Beds. The shortages in extreme circumstances have caused temporary closures at some factories.

Shipping times both for complete orders and components from around the world have also become extended as ports and logistics companies struggle to tackle the backlog, increased demand at this time of year and the consequences of the pandemic.

We have found that lead-times on orders have become extended and on occasion unpredictable. We track all our customers’ orders and if we should receive information of a delay we will of course update you as soon as we know.

In these unprecedented and unpredictable times we appreciate your understanding, we are however in the hands of our suppliers to give us the best and latest information available.

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