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Mattress Buying Guide

Our sleep experts at Roomes understand how daunting purchasing a new bed can be. With so much variety to choose from, each claiming to be the best, finding the right bed for you can seem like a challenge.                            

Our bed experts have put together this informative guide to take the stress out of your search for a great night’s sleep.

Understanding the different mattress types:

  • Pocket Springs ( Individual springs are encapsulated within their own housing, usually fabric. Unlike other spring units, pocket springs are completely independent, aiding pressure point relief, support, and less movement between sleepers, ensuring no ‘roll together’. As a general rule, the more pocket springs, the greater the support, the greater the comfort.      
  • Memory Foam ( A type of foam that has been treated to have more elasticity and viscosity than regular foam. Memory foam reacts to pressure, which will contour to your body in order to provide unbeatable support, shock absorbance, and pressure relief.  Initially developed by NASA in 1966, for use in seat cushions on aircraft and later becoming used for specialist medical beds and wheelchairs.
  • Natural fillings in mattresses Wool, Cashmere, and Cotton; to name just a few natural materials derived from plants and animals used to make these luxury mattress fillings. Natural fillings have been used in mattresses for centuries thanks to their huge variety of benefits. Naturally softer than other products, for a much more luxurious level of comfort. Natural fibres are breathable, enabling air to flow through which allows the mattress to stay cool and retain less moisture than other types of mattress. Natural fillings also provide anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, making this a great choice for allergy sufferers.


Understand the different Divan base types:

In order to maximise the performance and potential of your mattress we recommend using a bed base.

  • Sprung Top - A divan base that has springs at the top, offering flexibility and additional levels of comfort.
  • Platform Top – A divan base made from a sturdy wooden frame and a solid wooden top, offering a rigid firmer feel.
  • Slatted Base and Bed Frames – Bowed slats that are mounted into a frame, providing improved levels of comfort, due to the bowed design of the slats. It is essential to ensure compatibility with a slatted base and the mattress choice.
  • Non Drawer Base – simply means a bed base with no drawers
  • 2 Drawer Bed Base – Two drawers located at the foot of the bed
  • 4 Drawer Bed Base – Four equally sized drawers that are located at the head and foot ends of the bed.
  • Continental DrawersFour drawers comprising two full-sized drawers at the foot end and two half-sized drawers at the head end to provide space for bedside furniture.
  • Ottoman base – An ideal space-saving storage solution, utilising the entire space under the bed creating a vast amount of storage. Piston assisted mechanism helps the bed to open and close.


Finding the right tension for you:

  • Soft Tension Mattresses Are great for children, side sleepers, or those with a slender frame.
  • Medium Tension Mattresses Are also great for side sleepers but as they are a little firmer they are perfect for an average-sized sleeper.
  • Firm Tension Mattresses These provide the best support for front and back sleepers.  A firm mattress offers little give and a lot of stability, perfect for ensuring spinal alignment.


Turn and Rotate – mattress care explained:

An essential part of caring for your mattress, regardless of the type, is rotating the mattress at least every three months. By rotating, we mean turning 180° from end to end (so the head end becomes the foot end and so on). If you have a double-sided mattress then this will, in addition, require turning over 360°. If one sleeper is significantly less than the other then the mattress will require rotating much more frequently.


Finding the right size for you and your room:


90CM X 190CM


135CM X 190CM


150CM X 200CM


180CM X 200CM



Our exclusive Bed showroom has over 80 beds on display for you to try, plus our bed experts will be on hand to have you looking forward to a great night’s sleep from your new bed. We’re certain you’ll find the bed that’s perfect for you.