2020: a year that has impacted us all in more ways than we care to count. ‘Unprecedented’ is a word we have heard a bit too much over the past few months, but there is no escaping the fact that we have been – and still are – living through circumstances that we would never have imagined. And it’s forced many of us to reimagine the way we use our homes, too. So what will life after lockdown look like?


Living in lockdown has meant that we’ve suddenly been using our homes for a wider variety of activities than ever before: from working to working out, homeschooling to hosting virtual play dates and even providing a backdrop for TikTok videos to keep family and friends entertained! And, though lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting, it seems likely that the ‘new normal’ will see us continuing to spend more time in our homes. Which has got the Roomes team thinking: what tips can we give our customers to support them in a world that thinks differently about what we want and need from our interior spaces?


Father Works On Laptop As Mother Helps Son With Homework On Kitchen Table

Get Organised

When the whole family is at home day in, day out, clutter levels can quickly escalate – and so too can stress levels, as the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ becomes overwhelming. Many of our customers tell us that they have dramatically decluttered during lockdown and have resolved to stay on top of it going forward, to try and maintain a sense of order and calm.

Whether you’re planning to take your home to KonMari levels of organisation, or you simply need to find a space-efficient way to stop your work paraphernalia taking over the kitchen, Roomes has a solution. From upholstered storage stools to custom-designed wardrobes and clever cabinetry, we’ll help you close the door on chaos for good.

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Master Multitasking

Many of us have become world-class multitaskers as we’ve juggled everything from running a business from home to teaching our children and dealing with the never-ending demands for snacks and meals! This means our interiors have had to become more adaptable, too: the kitchen table now doubles as a school desk, the spare room is also a home office, and the garage is masquerading as a gym.

Life after lockdown should include choosing pieces of furniture that can flex with the ebb and flow of family life is a great way of ensuring your space runs smoothly. A sofa bed, for example, is an ideal choice for a spare room that also needs to work as an office or playroom. It ensures you have an extra bed for guests when you need one, but folds away easily to provide you with comfortable seating and functional floor space the rest of the time.

An extending dining table can also be an extremely versatile addition to your living space, especially if you’re working or schooling from home. The ability to make the surface of the table bigger to house computers and office essentials – while still leaving room for a spot of lunch or a socially distanced coffee with a friend – can be a real bonus on a hectic day at home.

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Spruce Up Your Space

Lockdown has shown us just how important it is that we feel happy and at ease in our homes. But, for many of us, the enforced time spent within the same four walls has shone a spotlight on all the things we don’t like about our interiors. So much so that when the UK’s DIY stores and garden centres reopened back in May, retail sales saw a 42% boost as consumers sought to improve their homes and gardens (source: BBC).

It’s often easier than you think to make changes that reenergise your home and transform it into somewhere you enjoy spending time. Simply painting in a feature wall can make a big difference to a room, as can injecting a new pop of pattern or colour with a refresh of curtains, scatter cushions and rugs. But if you’ve decided to embark on a more dramatic renovation, Roomes has got you covered. Our Interior Advisers are on hand to offer expert advice and inspiration on everything from creating flexible spaces to the finer details such as lighting, flooring and furniture placement.

Whatever you have planned for your home in the life after lockdown era, we can help you achieve the perfect interior to suit your taste and your lifestyle. Why not book a consultation today?


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