Kaymed have over a century's expertise at the forefront of sleep technology and are the leading innovator in the gel and visco-elastic technologies. 

They are also unique in that they manufacture all of the internal materials used to produce their comprehensive range of mattresses and beds.

Their extensive knowledge and development of revolutionary new materials mean that they are the industry leaders in temperature regulation and these products have already altered the shape of the North American bed industry.

Kaymed have over a century's expertise at the forefront of sleep technology. They are a leading innovator including the latest advances in Gel and visco-elastic technologies, all designed to combine sublime levels of comfort, industry leading pressure relief and sleep surface temperature regulation.

Across two sites in Dublin and Kilcullen, they are able to carefully and quickly develop bedding and components using cutting edge technology. They are proud to have a programme of constant innovation and product development, all using technology developed in house and exclusive to Kaymed. Kaymed's ethos is one of innovation, quality and high levels of customer service. Their products always reflect this, both in design and technology.


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