Sumptuous Moments - Three

The third look in our Sumptuous Moments collection features a very strong and striking base colour which creates a 'statement' room.

This room set seamlessly blends together the luxury of the velvet upholstery with the striking appearance of the red palermo curtains. These are perfectly complemented by the stunning Camaro natural oak flooring. The sophisticated and elegant Wellington furniture completes the co-ordinated look and the plush red rug adds a touch of fire and extra warmth to the room.

This look is all about being brave, bold and dramatic.

ISABELLE Large 2 Seater Sofa
from £1,740.00 inc VAT
ETIENNE 2 Seater Sofa
from £1,872.00 inc VAT

from £1,241.00 inc VAT
from £527.00 inc VAT

CURTAINS Palermo - Red
£66.00 inc VAT
PLUSH Rug - Red
from £169.00 inc VAT