Sumptuous Moments - Two

Using blue as the base colour, Sumptuous Moments Two provides a dramatically different look to Sumptuous Moments One even though the same upholstery is featured throughout.

Our design team introduced carpet instead of wood flooring which immediately creates a warmer feel to the room. The furniture featured here is very traditional with deep warm colouring, and the addition of a beige rug adds to the 'cosy' feel of the room. The finishing touches include duck egg curtains, a traditional picture and mirror and different cushions.

ISABELLE Large 2 Seater Sofa
from £1,740.00 inc VAT
ETIENNE 2 Seater Sofa
from £1,872.00 inc VAT

from £1,241.00 inc VAT
from £527.00 inc VAT

CURTAINS Siam - Duck Egg
£278.00 inc VAT
YORK Rug - Beige
from £55.00 inc VAT